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What to do in Trogir

Just a few hours away from Trogir is another jewel of UNESCO, Plitvice Lakes National Park where you can enjoy the benefits of Continental Croatian. You are close to the National Park Krka impoznatnim vodoparima.

If you want a combination of entertainment, shopping and ancient culture, go to Split. whose famous Diocletians Palace is also on the UNESCO list. In the south of Dalmatia and is its largest pearl - Dubrovnik, another in the series of Croatian cities under UNESCO protection.

If you want a nautical adventure, go to the nearby island, where the most famous Dalmatian Zlatni rat, and to Hvar, where you wait for the two ancient city with many sights, Hvar and Stari Grad.

In the town of Trogir, with its medieval architecture and numerous museums, we recommend that you try some native delicacies like Trogir Trogir pasticada and delicious ravioli.

City Trogir